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les mercredi 06 février 2019 et jeudi 07 février 2019

3rd Congress of CO.ME.T 2019


Call for papers open until September 15th, 2018

Call for paper COMET

Website :





Cosmetic Valley Member/ Réseau Mesure Member (per person) 1 day    265 € HT
Cosmetic Valley Member/ Réseau Mesure Member (per person) 2 days    425 € HT
Non-member company (per person) 1 day    295 € HT
Non-member company (per person) 2 days    490 € HT
Academic Researcher 1 day    240 € HT
Academic Researcher 2 days    350 € HT
Student 1 day    120 € HT
Student 2 days    190 € HT
booth 6 m²   1 150 € HT
Price for extra exhibitor per booth (over 2 people)      125 € HT
Congress Cocktail       65 € HT


Registration (*subject to availability) 

Registration fees also include: coffee/pastry breaks and lunch

To register on the website, please enter your email address and a password of your choice*.

Please note: * If you have already participated in a Cosmetic Valley event, log in with the same password chosen during your initial registration. (If you have forgotten your password, it can be resent.)


Nous vous invitons dès votre inscription à effectuer votre règlement par CB, afin de valider votre participation. Les badges vous seront ensuite envoyés par mail

Contact: Soline Godet : sgodet[at]